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Beautiful Gujarati Wedding Cards
Beautiful Gujarati Wedding Cards

The Endless List of Details In Gujarati Wedding Cards

beautiful Gujarati wedding cards
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The Gujarati culture is impregnated with lots of traditional celebrations when it comes to marriage functions. The whole ceremony is colourful and also involves many occasions and parts. Be it love or arranged marriage, marriages are incomplete without inviting the entire guest. The first announcement of the marriage is like good news shared with everyone with the small amount of auspicious jaggery and coriander seeds to all the relatives.

The main ceremonies however, requires the formal invite cards to be distributed personally or nowadays via couriers and emails, so that the esteemed presence of the guest can make the functions very memorable.

Incorporating wedding rituals in the Gujarati wedding cards

The wedding day is a mix of entertainment and emotions after a lot of preparations done for months together. The Baraat comes along the way early in the morning or at the auspicious time and everyone dance till they drop at the very rhythmic tunes of the Shehnai and dhol.

The bride and groom have the pheras and also take the saptapadi oath for marriage to conclude with prayers and kanyadaan in the presence of God and the sacred fire. The guests invited with very beautiful Gujarati wedding cards congratulate the married couples and shower their blessing. Post lunch, the Bidaai time is the most heart-rending moment for the family of the bride.

Latest styles adopted for Gujarati wedding cards

The Gujarati wedding cards are very attractive in looks. Most of the Guajarati people like spending a lot on having the most wonderful cards. Sometimes, the Indian designer cards are also accompanied with some gifts, sweets, dry fruits, etc for the guests. Lot of thought, time and importance is given while choosing the material of the card like there are linen cards, glossy materials, matt finish cards, shimmery materials and many other varieties.

The cards have a matching envelope and most of the cards are incandescent with bright colours like red, golden, purple with many fine designs; and also sometimes glamorous kundans, mirrors and other decorations are on it. The most important facet of the card is the content printed on the card. Besides the time, venues of the different events, there are images, and some touchy poems also written on them. Each event has a separate card inserted within the bigger card.

The endearing and engaging appearance of the card is given by various technologies which allow embossing and layering options giving a different touch and feel to the card. The elegance and the charm of the card also increase when the texture of the card is good. In some cheap cards the texture is uneven and hence not very attractive.

Marriages are special occasions for both the girl and boy getting married and also for the entire family. Hence, they prefer to have the most exclusive traditional wedding cards for their weddings to make it a memorable occasion for life. Every Gujarati wedding cards preferably have Lord Ganesha image in it as he is the lord of happy beginnings and also helps get rid of any kind of obstacles of marriage.